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Every week, we’ll be bringing you a round-up of the most fascinating developments in education technology (or computer science, if possible!) for high school + secondary school students. Here are our picks for this week. Pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, take the croissant out of the oven, and enjoy what these education journalists and writers have to say.

1. No Begging Required: Teachers Share 5 Creative Ways to Fund Classroom Technology

2. How to Use Real World Problems to Teach Design Thinking, 3D Printing and Collaboration

3. Together, technology and teachers can revamp schools

Your Turn: Did you see anything this week that you think we should share with our readers?

Five Brilliant Tools to Get Your Students Coding

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Today more so than ever, the world is reliant on programming and it certainly seems that there is simply no longer an excuse not to know your Java from your SQL.

While members of our generation might have missed the code boat (so to say) as teachers with direct access to the young minds of the future, the responsibility has befallen you to ensure that the next generation is code-ready.

Beyond IT classes in primary and secondary schools the art of programming can be used to inspire your science, engineering and even art and craft classrooms. To get you started, here are five brilliant online tools that you can use to get your students coding and pick up a skill that will ultimately define tomorrow’s workforce:

  2. CodeCombat
  3. Khan Academy
  4. Code School
  5. Code Avengers

Let us know how your students get along – we’d love to hear from you!