Breaking Ground: The Science of Startups

Let your classroom discover the science behind some of the
world's most prolific startups: from code to UX design.
February 2018New York City + Seattle

February 20 + 23 • 10:30 AM TO 4 PM

From the team that brought you the incredibly popular FrontLineCon, we’ve crafted a day that introduces business, marketing and even computer science high school students to the science that powers businesses from Google to Spotify. Learn coding basics, how to prototype a new product, what user experience design involves, and more – all from the people who make it happen.

Want to break new ground?

Watch this space.

Our speaker list will continue to grow – so ensure that you check back shortly. We’ll be adding all of our remarkable speakers here in the coming weeks.

New York City

Cin Mohr
Google Education

Tomer Sharon


Jinesh Varia

Chris Furniss
Twitch Prime + formerly PopCap Games

Jason Levine

How It Works.

We’ve divided the day into five modules. Each module will be taught by a speaker experienced in the given field, who will provide a quick introduction to each topic. These include:

1. Coding + computer science
2. Prototyping + product management
3. User experience design
4. User interface design
5. Data science (depending on location)

The introduction will be followed by a live demo, involving interactive portions with the student audience; and finally, students and teachers will be able to ask questions.


We’re offering special rates for school-affiliated groups (please see below).

Intrigued? We’d be delighted to welcome you to this unprecedented conference.

Date and Time
New York City, New York: February 20, 2018
Seattle, Washington: February 27, 2018

Venues for each location will be added here soon.

Food must be packed or purchased from the area.

$32.50 + tax and handling fees per ticket
Teachers attend free for every 10 students.